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Commercial and Residential Locksmiths services for Bournemouth, Dorset !

Safelock Locksmiths can assist you with all your locksmith requirements quickly and professionally throughout Bournemouth and the surrounding areas or Dorset and Hampshire!

With our offices based on the Bournemouth Industrial Estate, we are ideal placed to cater for all your residential and or commercial locksmith requirements.


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We can help with:

  • Gaining Access to your Property
  •  UPVC and composite door entry
  • Changing or replacing the locks
  • Re-keying the locks
  • Commercial Locksmith Services Bournemouth
  • Residential Locksmith Services Bournemouth

Did you know that in addition to helping you gain access to your property, Safelock Locksmiths can also replace or fix doors, windows hinges and steamed-up frames? If your doors or windows have become stiff or jammed, if the handles have become lose and or insecure simply call Safelock locksmiths today for a free and no obligation estimate to get your doors and windows repaired at a fraction of the price of replacing them. 


Here are some examples of door and window repair services that we can also help you with:

  • Broken hinges 

  • Door alignment issues

  • Failed glazing panels

  • Faulty door locks

  • Damaged handles 

  • Sticking locks

  • Dropped door repairs

  • Worn or missing seals 

  • Damaged door panels

Door repair services in Bournemouth.

Whatever the reason and no matter the requirement Safelock Locksmiths are here to assist you with all your repairs and entry gaining services, simply call Safelock Locksmiths today and we will have your doors and windows repaired in no time.

Safelock locksmiths also fit and replace letterboxes and we can assist you with any lock barrel replacement or jammed locks too. 

Our local locksmiths can fit extra locks, security chains and cat flaps quickly and efficiently saving you both time and money whilst providing piece of mind that your property is safe and secure at all times.   

Did you know that we can also stop leaks at your property and replace front and back door panels and window hinges for you too?

We can also help keep your house warm by replacing damaged rubber seals on your doors and windows as well as carrying out UPVC window repairs too.

With offices in Ferndown, Bournemouth and New Milton our locally based Locksmiths can even help change door handles too on your inner doors, so if you decide to redecorate your home and you would like something more in keeping with the new decorations, there is no need to replace the entire door. Our local locksmith services can help replace handles on doors for a fraction of the price of a door replacement.

We also provide emergency lockout services for residential and commercial customers on the South Coast, these include Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Christchurch and the surrounding areas. 

Our rapid response will ensure the situation is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Broken Door Hinge-Safelock locksmith Ferndown

Damaged door hinge Example

Damaged hinges or unwanted gaps in the door frame are common issues on most older doors and frames and are especially common on wooden doors. Most people will either try to repair these issues themselves which can cause even further damage and this could lead to a costly replacement being inevitable. Here at Safelock Locksmiths, we can repair such damage for you quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

Glass door Locksmith Ferndown

Damaged Closing Mechanisms

A common issue with glass framed porch doors and windows is the closing mechanism or the handles, in time these become loose and or damaged leaving your property drafty and un-secure, a replacement door is not the answer here then these types of damage can be quickly resolved with a simple replacement shutter or closing mechanism. A new door could likely cost 10 x the amount of a the likely repair cost in such instances we would recommend a site inspection by one of our professional locksmiths to asses the damage and to provide a free and no obligation quote.

Many traditional door and Window companies will often try to persuade you to change the entire door because a repair isn’t always their most cost effective solution.

In fairness to some of the ‘quality’ door firms; they will offer you a replacement door as an option because it’s not financially viable to carry out a repair… But that could cost you hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds.

Wherever possible Safelock Locksmiths provide a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to replacing a door or window that has a failed glazed unit, broken handle, locks or hinges.

We can replace a toughened glass double glazed unit in a door for the fraction of the price of a replacement. Here at Safelock Locksmiths we won’t charge for visiting your home to carry out a FREE “no obligation” survey so you can rest assured that you know the cost before we get started.

We have no minimum order value nor do we charge extra for credit card payments. In fact we accept most payment methods, Visa card, Mastercard, PayPal, Cash or BACS payments.

So if you are considering a door or window replacement because you have broken handles, faulty or broken hinges or locks, STOP!

Call Safelock Locksmiths today and save!

Our local engineers cover Ferndown, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne, Ringwood, Verwood, Parley, Southampton,
Lymington, Burley, New Milton, Barton on Sea and the surrounding areas.

Other Safelock Locksmith Services

Emergency locksmith in Poole - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Locks Change/Repair

Safelock Locksmiths can help you replace lost, or stolen keys quickly and efficiently at any time day or night providing piece of mind.
Emergency locksmith in Poole - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Rekey/ Master key

Lost your master key for your home, let Safelock Locksmiths help, we offer a 24/7 order service covering the south coast of England.
Emergency locksmith in Poole - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Duplicate Key

Do you require a set of duplicate keys for your home or property? If so contact Safelock Locksmiths today, we provide a quick and efficient service.
Locksmith Bournemouth - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Non-Destructive Entry

Need to gain non destructive entry to your home? Safelock Locksmiths can help you gain entry to your home without damaging the doors or frames.
Locksmith Bournemouth - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Electronic Locks/KeyPads

Do you require a electronic door lock with keypad to replace your standard key entry system? Call Safelock Locksmiths today for a free no obligation quote.

Safelock Locksmiths Ltd are pleased to provide the following additional residential services on request:

Locksmith Bournemouth - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Total Home Security

We work with top brand technology and security systems, to create and integrate complete security systems for both residential and commercial clients, contact our security team for details.
Locksmith Poole - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

Speak to a member of the team to find out how Pick Proof Cylinders and Deadbolts can be used to protect your property against unwelcome guests.
Locksmith Bournemouth - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Custom Surveillance Systems

We supply a wide range of Surveillance Camera System for your business or home. All systems can be tailored to your exact requirements and no job is too big or too small.
Locksmith Poole - safelocklocksmiths.co.uk

Screen & Garage Door Locks

Safelock locksmiths can supply a wide range of card entry, garage or lock-up facility services for both residential and business clients, call us today for a free and no obligation quote.